Below is a list of all the categories that we have created albums for.

Photo Albums

Whether we are finishing an album for a wedding, a farewell, a 21st or an incentive trip away, you can be sure that our layout will reveal the essence of the event. We can supply you with any type of album to compliment the mood as well as the look and feel you want to achieve.


Compile your favourite photographs into a customised Photobook and preserve your memories forever. Photobooks will add sophisticated touch to all occasions and will make for great gifting ideas on a personal as well as Corporate level. Our page designs are unique as we do not make use of templates.

Click here to see the photobooks work that we have done.


We can create an artistic layout of digital images by deep etching or simply create a fun tiled collage with your favourite images. This is a great idea for teambuilding, social events etc. Annual conference collages can be framed and displayed in the office to reflect the individuality of each event.

Click here to see the collage work that we have done.

Photo Editing and Manipulation

All images include basic edits where enhancement and colour will be honed.

We offer an image manipulation service. This includes airbrushing, smoothing, shape enhancement in addition to changing scenes / backgrounds and merging images.

Click here to see the manipulation work that we have done.

Digital Templates

Digital templates allow you to brand your photographs with your preferred logos, wording, artwork and theme. This will add that personal touch to your event and will ensure that it remains memorable.

Click here to see the digital template work that we have done.

On-site Printing

On-site printing is great for any events. Incorporated with a digital template it enables your guests to maximise identification of the event and indirect marketing for your company. We have an extensive range of frames that will give your prints the desired finish.

Green Screen

We provide a Chroma green and Chroma blue onsite service that enables you to insert subjects into various settings or scenes.